XIOS XG sensor

Vörunúmer: SIRO6410802

XIOS XG Select Sensor: Economical and Flexible
XIOS XG Select is the more cost-effective version of the new intraoral sensors from Sirona. The easy-to-change cable, which you can replace yourself at your practice, ensures an especially long product life and thus is a very economical solution for modern intraoral x-rays. This sensor can also be equipped with an optional WiFi module that facilitates an exceptional workflow with wireless image transfer, supplying you with the mobility and freedom you need to diagnose your patients everywhere in your practice, without the boundaries of a cable solution.

XIOS XG Supreme Sensor: Outstanding Image Quality
The new XIOS XG Supreme Sensors facilitate modern intraoral x-rays at the highest level. This is provided by the outstanding image quality thanks to the cesium iodide layer and dynamic focus. But it is also the WiFi option, which facilitates workflow with wireless image transfer, and the easy-to-change cable that take the XIOS XG Supreme to the lead position.

- High return on investment
- Outstanding image quality
- WiFi option for wireless image transfer
- Easy-to-change cable
- Three sensor sizes



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