XIOS Skanni

Vörunúmer: SIRO6492735

XIOS Scan. Small change. Big impact

XIOS Scan provides a gentle, easy introduction into the world of digital X-ray imaging. If you want to switch from film to digital without having to give up your tried-and-true working methods, imaging plate technology offers you a myriad of possibilities.
You can experience many of the advantages of digital imaging without a darkroom and chemicals while your team continues its regular workflow. XIOS Scan completes the family of intraoral X-ray systems from Sirona which includes the sensors XIOS XG and the intraoral X-ray HELIODENT PLUS.

- Tried-and-true workflow meet the advantages of digital imaging
- Outstanding scan quality with 22 line pairs/mm
- Scratch-free scanning and automatic film detection
- Proven Sirona quality "Made in Germany"


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