InLab MC XL fræsari

Vörunúmer: SIRO6150846

inLab MC XL is the fast wet milling and grinding unit with many production options for your dental lab. You benefit from high speed and precision and can switch from grinding to milling in just a few steps. The large selection of materials and many uses give you particularly flexible and efficient production options.

inLab high-speed milling
Glass and hybrid ceramic restorations can be produced at a previously unachievable speed with simultaneous double 4 axis processing. A fully anatomical e.max CAD crown takes less than 10 minutes. This is a key success factor for potential new business models providing digital impression orders within an hour.

Extra Fine Grinding
The inLab MC XL works with extreme precision, for example with the EF grinder set (D 0.6). Make restorations with the highest accuracy in the vicinity of occlusions and interdental spaces and at the preparation margin.

Open for STL import of restoration data
With the inLab system, production with inLab MC XL is always perfectly coordinated with the inLab CAD software. Alternatively, you can import restorations in STL/XML** format from other CAD software (e.g. exocad®, 3Shape®, etc.)

Range of materials
Benefit from the broad range of materials. Sirona CAD/CAM materials and those of our material partners are optimally coordinated for high-speed processing.



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