SiroDem vatnshreinsir

Vörunúmer: SIRO5886168

Cost-effective purified water via hose connection

Protect your hygiene systems and instruments through optimum water quality – with SIRODEM.

SIRODEM is a mixed bed deionizer that permits the simple and costeffective production of pure, demineralised water. The handling of heavy water bottles is thus no longer required. SIRODEM can easily be installed as a practical wall unit directly adjacent to the treatment center and is activated by simply connecting it to a water tap. SIRODEM – cost-effective supply of water.

- Suitable for all standard hygiene systems and ideal in combination with DAC UNIVERSAL and DAC PROFESSIONAL
- Unpressurized system
- Guarantees a consistently high water quality
- Conductivity check to protect against corrosion and spotting
- The conductivity meter displays the purity level of the water


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