About Fastus

Fastus is Iceland’s premier supplier of equipment for the healthcare, catering
and conference sectors. We are a service- and market-driven company
providing our customers with quality products, expert consultancy and
professional technical services.Our staff have vast experience in the sectors we serve,
meaning that we can provide valuable advice on selecting and installing products, training,
maintenance and backup services.

At Fastus, we are always prepared to consider extending our list of suppliers.
We invite manufacturers looking for an outlet for their products in these
growing markets to contact us without delay. Our marketing team is second to
none, and our supply network covers the whole country.

Location and facilities

Located in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland, we have well-appointed showrooms
and modern warehousing facilities in the heart of the commercial district. Our
offices and Technical Services department are also on the premises.


We supply hospitals, private clinics, laboratories and many other institutions
with a wide range of quality products, from disposable wipes to pacemakers
and operating tables.
More about our healthcare products.


Our principal markets in the catering field include government establishments,
schools, restaurants, hotels and many other mass-catering providers. Our
products range from cutlery to canteen kitchen suites.
More about our catering products.

Conference equipment

An additional service that we have recently introduced is the supply of high-
quality chairs and furniture for the conference sector. Iceland is an increasingly
popular venue for international conventions, and we expect to see increased
activity in this sector in the near future.
More about Fastus conference furniture.

Technical services

At Fastus, we believe in providing expert advice before our customers make a
purchase and a comprehensive after-sales service to ensure their full
More about Technical Services.

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